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Girl Scout Day Camp 2014 "Something In My Pocket!"

Thank you for participating in Day Camp 2014!
we wanted to take a moment to thank you for sending your child/ren to camp this year. Your support of Girl Scouts in the Diamond Crest Service Unit, as well as camp, is very much appreciated. Your continued involvement allows for the incredible success we all enjoy!

A Few Reminders
Missing any items or come home with something that doesn't belong to you? Let us know, as the Lost and Found Box lives with Mockingbird! Contact us at

Missing a Day Camp participation patch? Contact us as well and we may be able to replace it.

Any comments or questions about your child's experience at camp? We would be happy to hear them.

Day Camp 2015
Diamond Crest Girl Scout Day Camp dates for next year are still being decided. A notice will be sent out soon to all campers who participated this year. Please be sure to look for it and mark your calendars! Registration is tentatively scheduled to open early February 2015 and you'll find more details on this page and the Diamond Crest newsletter later this year.

Contact Information
Diamond Crest Girl Scout Day Camp Steering Committee
(650) 590-2240